Help Transmute Negativity One Positive Package At A Time!

Summary: Positive Packages and People Spread Love are uniting efforts to spread love and positivity to Uvalde, TX and Buffalo, NY in response to the recent tragedies that took place where 31 people lost their lives due to gun violence. We are raising $6,500 to send Pampering Positive Packages and Notes of Love from people all over the country. Healing from such trauma will be a long road. This act of kindness can help facilitate the journey of the grieving hearts that remain. All proceeds will go to this campaign: 83% of the funds raised will go toward the purchase and shipping of the packages, %17 will go toward two funds in Uvalde and Buffalo that were set up specifically to support the families that were directly affected. 

What can you do when you feel like you can do nothing?

We think when something devastating happens to another fellow human being, it’s natural to want to help in some way. But, in our experience,
feelings of helplessness often arise. 

Lately, we have been asking ourselves, “How can we do anything to make the situations we have heard about any better?” 

Positive Packages and People Spread Love chose to unite efforts in order to provide an opportunity for others who similarly feel called to do something to help increase the light in the lives of those who have been affected by gun violence. 

Help us spread love and positivity by contributing a donation to help send Pampering Positive Packages and Notes of Love to the 31 families (+1 teacher) that lost loved ones in Buffalo and Uvalde.

We can’t bring back the lives that were lost, but together we can help soothe the hearts of the souls that remain.

Our Goal: $6500

All proceeds from this campaign will be used to purchase Positive Packages (83%) for the Uvalde and Buffalo victim’s families and additional funds (17%) will be donated to designated funds for both communities.



Thanks to our donors listed below,
we are 14% closer to our goal!

Our Donors:

Jennifer J. – San Diego, CA     Staci S. – Vallejo, CA     Peter S. – Weed, CA

Gina S. – Delray Beach, FL     Rhonda M.     A’isha U.     

Darlene S. – Alexandria, VA     Doug S. – Alpine, WY     Heather D. - Victor, ID

Sage L. - Victor, ID     Tim G. – Victor, ID     Janelle R. – Encinitas, CA      Janine C.     Kaeyy S. – Moreno Valley, CA     Michele C. – Westfield, MA



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